ASYM APS – IT Quality and Safety

We consult on Quality and Safety of complex IT systems. We see software testing as a core tool for improving and assuring Qualty and Safety. Leadership, continous learning, and sustained development are our core values. We primarily work with our long term client relationships, but are available for training, mentoring, and coaching.

ASYM APS was founded in 2003 by Anders Dinsen. The name of the company is the four first letters of the word asymmetric. APS designates ASYM as a private limited company.

Symmetry is a mathematical property of beauty. In our imagination, universally beautiful objevts like leaves on trees are highly symmetric. Looking closer, however, the symmetry turns out to be an illusion. It is our experience that learning can take place through realized asymmetries like this. Illusions which are proven wrong are important signs of risks and potential failure, but also of possible innovations.

Edsger. W. Dijkstra once said about programming that “Beauty is our business”. The four letters A-S-Y-M reminds us that while programming is a strive for perfection, making systems valuable for real peopel requires pragmatism.