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Another great day at Let's Test

Gosh, I’m feeling a bit used… The schedule is really tight here and the party yesterday was great. Lots of input! Plus, I was really focused on my presentation today, I spent a bit extra “cognitive energy” on that ‘output’ process… Here’s what I’ve done today:
6-7: Wake up
7-8: Walk in nature (found some freesbee throwing creatures…)
8-9: Breakfast
9.30: Rob Sabourin keynote (really good!)
11.30-12.30: Presenting Testing in the Black Swan domain
12.30-13-30: Lunch, having very interesting talk with Rob Sabourin and others
13.30-14.30: Curing our Binary Disease with Rikard Edgren (inspiring, we’re all growing older and maturing, I guess)
14.40-15.40: You are a scientist with Christin Wiedemann (I loved it – I’m a scientist too)
15.40-16: Coffee, cookies, smoothies (Runö is such a great venue!)
16-17: Coaching Testers with Anne-Marie Charret (inspiring!)
My presentation was really well received and we had a great discussion afterwards. I love the discussions we are having here! What better place could I have found to first present my ideas about Black Swan testing than here among people who share the passion for testing, trying things, forming hypothesis and learning?
We’ll be doing experiments in the Test Lab tonight at 20, so discussions are’nt over yet. I love it!
Here are a few selected photos from today. I may do a writeup about the day later today or tomorrow. Maybe.

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